Mardi Gras - Rise Up with the Costume Company.
Mar 2021

The Costume Company Acknowledges and welcomes this years Mardi Gras theme of Rise, 

"We know and love the power of people and communities that rise together to support others to overcome adversity and inequality. It’s time we rise together again."


We offer the most affordable Mardi Gras costumes for all shapes and sizes. Rise to the occasion this year a Mardi Gras Rainbow vests and jackets, maybe even a floor pink or neon yellow wig. Bring the power with Wonder Woman, send the flare with an Elton John costume, bring out the dancing queen with an abba costume.


We also supply the crowd favourites with the wearable Mardi Gras flag.

The fabulous accessories for Brisbane Mardi Gras start with:

Rainbow festive sequin hats, burning man hats, jewelled rainbow, rainbow punk wigs, LED flashing tie, Rainbow cowboy hat, black angel wings, Festival punk goggles.


Whatever your Mardi Gras needs may be! we ship Mardi Gras Costumes, same day pick up Mardi Gras Costumes and also hire Mardi Gras costumes.


Call the Brisbane Mardi Gras Costume shop today!