COVID-19 Practices

The Costume Company is very diligent in following the strict government guidelines to keeping everyone safe that enters the shop.

We have been called the COVID Ninjas! This is what we look like when we are about to do the returns laundering. 

On a serious note this is how we keep everyone safe;

On arrival customers are asked to sanitise their hands, follow social distancing rules of staying 6 feet (1.5m) away from other customers in store. We ask customers to not put garments back on the racks after trying them on in the fitting rooms. When you've decided on what your favourite is leave what you don't want in the fitting room and we will take care of it.

Perspex screens have been installed at the front counters for checking out safely. Our front counters are cleaned regularly to ensure cleanliness in store for a germ free experience.

In store we have disinfectant sprays we use after customers have tried on garments, hats and accessories and nothing is returned to the racks without being disinfected. All fitting rooms are cleaned regularly after customers have used them.

The Costume Company commercially launder all costumes on site in our Costume Shop Brisbane (Kedron) premises. We have not changed our laundering processes as they meet the necessary requirements for germ control.

All costumes returned after their fun outings are laundered with our commercial laundering processes include all garments (even delicates) being washed in relevant detergents. They are then steam pressed with our commercial steam pressing system before being put back out on our racks.

When accessories and shoes are returned they are all cleaned with disinfectants, some alcohol and acetone based chemicals are used with these items to ensure germ removal as well as removing the usual grime of wearing them.

If you have any questions about cleanliness please don't hesitate to ask our staff.