Extra Flesh 9grams Carded - Mehron

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Extra Flesh;
  • Take your makeup art to another level with this addition of professional theatre makeup. This addition will add a huge amount of value to your performance art. Impress all your viewers on instagram and show them your high quality make up art. You'll be able to implement a large variety of gruesome effects to your look, this flesh card has the ability to transform you into just about any horror themed character. 
  • Extra Flesh is a versatile wax compound mixed with fibrous material that can be reused many times. Create realistic looking warts, scars, etc. without use of adhesives. Available in a .3 oz (9 g) container
  • Use for stage makeup and other variations of make up essentials, this extra flesh can leave a huge impact on your work. Thanks for the materials used to construct this piece, it can establish a hyper realistic look to whomever it is implemented on.

Extra Flesh Tutorial Click Here

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