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Most people know the name Peter Parker, but everyone knows the human arachnid "Spider-Man". A favourite character in the Marvel Comics, Spidey is best known for his spider-sense, his ability to climb walls and of course shoot webs from his wrists - all in the name of saving innocent people from villains in the ultimate Marvel Universe. Movies include the Trilogy (2002-2007), Avengers films and more recently "Spider-Man Homecoming" (2017), "Spider-Man: Far From Home" (2019) and soon in number 3 - "Spider-Man: No Way Home" hitting Cinemas in December 2021.

  • Black, gold and red digitally printed jumpsuit with iconic Spider and web print on bodice
  • Full length sleeves and pants with digital print
  • Fabric snood in breathable fabric with digitally printed details
  • Jumpsuit closes at rear with velcro tabs
  • This is an officially licensed Marvel product
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