Gonzo Plush Costume - Hire

He is the Great Gonzo - with the enormous nose! Gonzo is one of everyone's favourite Muppets, best known for his eccentric passion for stunt performances, often ending in bandages around his head and nose. The iconic series, "The Muppets TV Show" screened from 1976-1981. Gonzo also starred in many Disney movies, TV shows and games alongside his puppet friends Animal, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog, the Swedish Chef and Fozzie Bear. Become the nosiest puppet in the business today!

  • Long sleeved printed shirt with attached tie
  • Oversized soft plush mask with trademark large nose
  • Mouth of mask allows face to see through
  • Pair of two-fingered gloves. Shoes and pants not included
  • This is an officially licensed The Muppets product

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